Atelier Neela on sale at Café de l'Homme

Atelier Neela on sale at Café de l'Homme

Founded in Bali, Atelier Neela creates sacred jewellery that will guide you in your inner voyage, and bring you greater strength and more positive energy.

Neela creates Hindu and Tibetan malas composed of rudraksha beads and semi-precious stones. These are unique, handcrafted pieces combining tradition, spirituality, and beauty.

Similar to Atelier Neela, the mineral and organic materials selected for the unique decor of Café de l’Homme allude to the very basic elements of the human species. A veritable ode to the very best craftsmanship and to French heritage, the Café’s furniture was designed and custom made, while Neela jewellery is all made by hand, a single piece at a time, by designer Marie-Cécile Gautier.

Returning to the essentials is also a theme of the restaurant’s menu; ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers from every region of France. The chef, Julien Thibault, draws inspiration from the bounty of our land, expressing truly authentic flavours and original tastes with sincerity and honesty. The team at Café de l’Homme honours tradition by treating every product with respect.

In symbiosis with the vegetal environment, the exhibition of jewellery from Atelier Neela invites the gaze to follow the brushed sandblasted cedar-clad walls, the marble and ash wood tables, and the malas (Buddhist prayer beads) specially created for le Café de l’Homme.

The Harsha mala is composed of rudraksha beads and semi-precious onyx and howlite stones. The five-face rudraksha is known for helping to destroy negative energy, surmount obstacles and find inner peace.

The Jayadeva mala is composed of ebony wood pearls and semi-precious onyx and howlite stones. Ebony is considered by Buddhists to be the most sacred wood; they use this wood to make their mala prayer beads.

Necklace retail price: €85 incl. taxes

Bracelet retail price: €45 incl. taxes

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Mardi 29 mai 2018

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