Culinary identity

The combination of tradition and exceptional produce creates a cuisine that marries simplicity with sophistication.

A unique mix of conviviality and fine dining comes together around a suitably dressed table to share high-quality meals paired with just the right wines


Simultaneously original and traditional, the culinary style of the Café de l’Homme celebrates French regional produce and is passionately creative in exploring new fine dining trends from all around the world.

The always-seasonal ingredients come from every region of France, and their traceability guarantees total quality control at every link in the supply chain.

The Chef's leitmotif is to offer a contemporary brasserie menu that celebrates artisan producers with the ability to nurture and communicate a very French expertise that respects both people and the environment.

Traditional French regional recipes like Bordeaux oysters, Poule au pot and lemon tart are reinterpreted and aligned with today's tastes to create a menu of unique dishes in which French gastronomic heritage embraces international flavours.

During the warmer months of the year, the brasserie menu offers diners the opportunity to share a meal at any time of the day. In winter, they can also look forward to an excellent choice of hot drinks and delicious pastries.

The Café de l’Homme team is proud to be part of the French culinary tradition in which every ingredient is respected in tribute to this magical and cultural environment.

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The menu

Recipes that reinterpret the culinary identity of the Café de l’Homme – seasonal creations, devotion to regional influences and an unquenchable desire to offer original and inspiring tastes.

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The Incunabulum, the wine list of Café de l'Homme

The Word "incunabulum" is used to describe a book published in a Western culture prior to 1500, in the very earliest days of printing.

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The place of Café de l'Homme

Celebrating French lifestyle and culture with an illustrious history, a strong architectural presence and a unique view of the Eiffel Tower.

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