The menu

The menu

Recipes that reinterpret the culinary identity of the Café de l’Homme – seasonal creations, devotion to regional influences and an unquenchable desire to offer original and inspiring tastes.


Green asparagus, parmesan 24 month aged PDO, organic olive oil

Smoked sardine sashimi, organic beets, kaffir lime yoghurt

Burgundy snails, parsley butter

Burrata with Sanza raw milk, yuzu, soy, Granny Smith

Duck foie gras cooked in a cloth, «Maison Paris»

Blue-fin tuna tataki with yuzu and wasabi

California rolls crispy shrimp and avocado

Noir de Bigorre ham from « Patrick Escudé » (matured 36 months)
small plate
big plate

To share

1kg sole meunière with lemon and capers, side dish of your choice for two people

45 days matured French beef rib steak,homemade french friesfor two people

Butterflied cockerel, new potatoes, unpeeled garlic clove, sauce diable

Garden vegetables from «Christophe Latour»

Main courses

Slow-cooked fresh cod with smoked salt, New Zealand spinach, chimichurri sauce

Pasture-raised lamb cutlets rubbed with smoked paprika, confit tomatoes

Steamed white sea bass, artichoke, Kalamata olive, kaffir lime beurre blanc

Beef fillet 200g, pepper or bearnaise sauce

Macaroni with truffle, parmesan cheese cream

Roasted butterflied half cockerel, sauce diable

Duck breast roasted skin-side down, roasted topped carrots, truffle jus

Salmon in soy-honey glaze, king trumpet mushrooms, lemon condiment

Side dish

Homemade French fries, mashed potatoes, spinach, seasonal vegetables,
romaine hearts, jasmine rice

Cheeses & Desserts

Saint Marcellin cheese moulded with a ladle

Strawberry-rhubarb vacherin, strawberry coulis with Sichuan pepper

Waffle with whipped cream, chocolate sauce

Papuan vanilla crème brulée

Apple tatin, speculoos, vanilla cream

«Cap Ferret/Paris », vanilla cream-filled choux, chocolate sauce

Finger Choc by Café de l’Homme

Matcha tea tiramisu

Ice-cream or sorbet (3 scoops, flavour of your choice), vanilla whipped cream, melting meringue


Mineral water

Évian / Badoit


Café de l’Homme : Nespresso coffee or decaffeinated accompanied
by our Chef’s selection


Charles Heidsieck
Brut Réserve

Charles Heidsieck
Brut Rosé Réserve

Cocktails of plants

By Christophe Robin

Coup de fouet à l’hibiscus

Détox aux écorces de citron

Antioxydant au rooibos

Apaisant à la verveine et citronnelle

Digestion à la cannelle

Our selection

served by glass 12.5cl


2013 Château Sahuc Lès Tour (10 cl)


2017 Chardonnay
Domaine Laurent Miquel

2017 Côtes-du-Rhône Les Becs Fins
Famille Tardieu

2016 Chablis
Domaine William Fèvre


2016 WP Rouge
Winerie Parisienne

2018 Pinot noir
Domaine Laurent Miquel

2010 Marquis de Mons


2018 WP Rosé
Winerie Parisienne

2018 Bandol
Domaines Ott - Château Romassan

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The combination of tradition and exceptional produce creates a cuisine that marries simplicity with sophistication.

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