The menu

The menu

Recipes that reinterpret the culinary identity of the Café de l’Homme – seasonal creations, devotion to regional influences and an unquenchable desire to offer original and inspiring tastes.


Green asparagus, parmesan 24 month aged PDO, organic olive oil 25 €

Smoked sardine sashimi, organic beets, kaffir lime yoghurt 21 €

Burgundy snails, parsley butter 19 €

Burrata with Sanza raw milk, yuzu, soy, Granny Smith 23 €

Duck foie gras cooked in a cloth, «Maison Paris» 28 €

Blue-fin tuna tataki with yuzu and wasabi 23 €

California rolls crispy shrimp and avocado 22 €

Noir de Bigorre ham from « Patrick Escudé » (matured 36 months)
small plate 28€
big plate 48€

To share

1kg sole meunière with lemon and capers, side dish of your choice 120 € for two people

45 days matured French beef rib steak,homemade french fries 135 € for two people

Butterflied cockerel, new potatoes, unpeeled garlic clove, sauce diable 60 €

Garden vegetables from «Christophe Latour» 30 €

Main courses

Slow-cooked fresh cod with smoked salt, New Zealand spinach, chimichurri sauce 32 €

Pasture-raised lamb cutlets rubbed with smoked paprika, confit tomatoes 42 €

Steamed white sea bass, artichoke, Kalamata olive, kaffir lime beurre blanc 40 €

Beef fillet 200g, pepper or bearnaise sauce 38 €

Macaroni with truffle, parmesan cheese cream 32 €

Roasted butterflied half cockerel, sauce diable 30 €

Duck breast roasted skin-side down, roasted topped carrots, truffle jus 32 €

Salmon in soy-honey glaze, king trumpet mushrooms, lemon condiment 28 €

Side dish

Homemade French fries, mashed potatoes, spinach, seasonal vegetables,
romaine hearts, jasmine rice 7 €

Cheeses & Desserts

Saint Marcellin cheese moulded with a ladle 15 €

Strawberry-rhubarb vacherin, strawberry coulis with Sichuan pepper 16 €

Waffle with whipped cream, chocolate sauce 14 €

Papuan vanilla crème brulée 15 €

Apple tatin, speculoos, vanilla cream 15 €

«Cap Ferret/Paris », vanilla cream-filled choux, chocolate sauce 12 €

Finger Choc by Café de l’Homme 16 €

Matcha tea tiramisu 14 €

Ice-cream or sorbet (3 scoops, flavour of your choice), vanilla whipped cream, melting meringue 14 €

Extra charge whipped cream +1 €


Mineral water

Évian / Badoit 7 €


Café de l’Homme : Nespresso coffee or decaffeinated accompanied
by our Chef’s selection 13 €


Charles Heidsieck 18 €
Brut Réserve

Charles Heidsieck 22 €
Brut Rosé Réserve

Cocktails of plants

By Christophe Robin

Coup de fouet à l’hibiscus 8 €

Détox aux écorces de citron 8 €

Antioxydant au rooibos 8 €

Apaisant à la verveine et citronnelle 8 €

Digestion à la cannelle 8 €

Our selection

served by glass 12.5cl


2013 Château Sahuc Lès Tour 12 € 10 cl


2017 Chardonnay 9 €
Domaine Laurent Miquel

2017 Pouilly-Fumé Les Terres Blanches 13 €
Domaine Pascal Jolivet

2016 Chablis 14 €
Domaine William Fèvre


2015 WP Rouge 9€
Domaine Combier

2018 Pinot noir 11 €
Domaine Laurent Miquel

2010 Marquis de Mons 14€


2018 WP Rosé 9 €
Winerie Parisienne

2018 Bandol 14 €
Domaines Ott - Château Romassan

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