The place of Café de l'Homme

Celebrating French lifestyle and culture with an illustrious history, a strong architectural presence and a unique view of the Eiffel Tower.

Within these walls devoted to marvels
I welcome and protect the work
Of the artist's miraculous hand
Equal and rival of his mind
The one is nothing without the other

Paul Valery

the legendary Café de l’Homme

Totally redesigned by the interior architecture partnership of Gilles & Boissier, the restaurant has adopted all the distinctive trademarks of the 1930s Art Deco style that typifies the Palais de Chaillot. The natural stone and wood materials selected to create this unique decorative style evoke the fundamentals of our shared humanity to resonate with the Musée de l’Homme ethnography museum.

A powerful homage to the best of French craftsmanship and heritage, all the furniture here has been crafted to bespoke designs exclusively for the restaurant in a style respectful of the historic identity of this location through its identity with the 1937 International Exhibition.

Master lighting designer Alain Guilhot is responsible for all the lighting here. The play of light brings life to this magical 6.5 metre-high space bringing out every detail of the architecture and inviting the eye to take in the walls clad in brushed sandblasted cedar, the marble and oak tables and the wood and marble lattices.

The mezzanine level has been styled for elegant conviviality. Seating around 15 diners, this space overlooking the dining room is flooded with natural daylight from the generous glazing of the restaurant.

The peaceful haven that is the spectacular signature terrace of the Café de l’Homme allows international diners passing through the capital the same privilege as Parisians: a private space in which to enjoy the sun and drink in the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower, the Champ de Mars and the Trocadéro gardens.

The chestnut wood benches and rattan chairs tucked away in the alcoves are also bespoke, and enter into a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding planting, the soft rays of sun kiss the statue of Hercules and the Cretian Bull (Albert Pommier, 1937), and the sea of green provides perfect privacy for each of the dressed granite tables.

In its listed, elegant and timeless location, the Café de l’Homme has been conceived and designed as a celebration of France, its culture, its lifestyle, its architectural heritage and its craft heritage; in fact, everything that has contributed to its international influence.

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The menu

Recipes that reinterpret the culinary identity of the Café de l’Homme – seasonal creations, devotion to regional influences and an unquenchable desire to offer original and inspiring tastes.

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Culinary identity

The combination of tradition and exceptional produce creates a cuisine that marries simplicity with sophistication.

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The Incunabulum, the wine list of Café de l'Homme

The Word "incunabulum" is used to describe a book published in a Western culture prior to 1500, in the very earliest days of printing.

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