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Exceptional products

Our products are provided by the best farms in regions all over France, and their traceability guarantees absolute control of the quality throughout the supply chain. Like the setting itself, they offer an elegant balance of delicate combinations where tradition mingles with innovation. Café de l’Homme follows the French culinary tradition, where each product is handled with respect, to honour this enchanting cultural attraction.

“All men create without knowing it As they breathe But the artist feels himself creating His act engages his entire being His beloved pain strengthens him”

Paul Valery

Charles Heidsieck

Founded in 1851 in Reims, this house produces racy champagnes in the purest winemaking tradition. Charles Heidsieck cultivates an original style with an undeniable personality.


Maison Paris

Maison Paris combines the know-how of its producers with its family traditions to elaborate multi-award winning foie gras. The constant search for quality has been in its DNA since 1907.


Grey Goose

Grey Goose selects the best French wheat and natural spring water to create a vodka like no other. Its distillation is controlled by a master distiller to reveal the essence of each ingredient.