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Internal regulations of the restaurant

Welcome to our gastronomic establishment, where we invite you to indulge in an exceptional culinary experience. To ensure a harmonious atmosphere for all our guests, please acquaint yourself with our internal regulations designed to guarantee a pleasant and refined setting.

1. Smart Attire Required

We kindly request you to present yourself in a neat and elegant attire, contributing to maintaining the distinguished ambiance of our restaurant.

2. No Pets Allowed

In order to preserve the comfort and well-being of all our patrons, animals are not allowed in our establishment. We appreciate your understanding.

3. Children Under 12 Discouraged between 12 PM and 5 PM

Between 12 PM and 5 PM, we recommend parents choose more suitable times for young diners. This suggestion aims to ensure an optimal experience for our guests and to maintain a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Children Under 16 Discouraged from 6 PM Onwards

From 6 PM onwards, to preserve the tranquility of the premises, we advise parents to consider alternative arrangements for children under 16. This approach aims to offer all our guests an atmosphere conducive to serene tasting.

5.Moderate Use of Electronic Devices

We encourage our clients to maintain a peaceful ambiance by limiting the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets, especially in common areas.

6. Respect for Tranquility

We kindly ask our guests to maintain a low conversation volume to preserve the tranquility of the space and ensure a relaxed gastronomic experience for everyone.

7. Cancellations and Delays

In case of delay, please inform us as soon as possible. For any cancellations, we kindly request you to notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

8. Non Smoking

In accordance with current legislation, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the establishment. Designated outdoor spaces are available for smokers.

9. Confidentiality and Privacy

Respect the privacy of other guests by avoiding any visual or auditory intrusion into their space. Discretion contributes to maintaining the exclusive atmosphere of our restaurant.

Thank you for considering these rules, which aim to ensure an exceptional experience for all our
clients. Café de l’Homme team is at your disposal for any specific requests and wishes you a
delightful time with us.