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As soon as Man placed his hand on the wall of a cave, using it as a stencil and marking time, he was in contact with the rock. And thus, in contact with his History, forever.

Stone and wood have been Man’s materials since he was Habilis. As Sapiens, he touched on reflective matter, which opened his eyes to a plethora of other textures and surfaces.

He even gave special names to the weather, inspired by the resistance of Bronze or the rarity of Gold.


The material is
the expression of time.

There’s no superficiality or artificiality when you go to the heart of a defining moment, to the table of History and all its human, universal creations.

Café de l’Homme gives you food for thought and time, assimilating the hard-working gestures that have created the edifices of our civilizations and cultures, with the precise, elegant gestures of a Chef in the midst of creation, or of a host who welcomes and receives.

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