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Second de Cuisine (H/F)

The Sous Chef (M/F) is directly reporting to the Executive Chef and is responsible for the entire kitchen staff, ensuring smooth service operations and proper resource management during their shift. The responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate the activity of the cooks with orders from the dining area
  • Manage the kitchen team
  • Ensure compliance with safety and hygiene standards
  • Train and pass on knowledge to all kitchen staff
  • Innovate the menu by creating new recipes in collaboration with the Executive Chef and General Management
  • Anticipate needs and control the management of raw materials
  • Periodically analyze results using appropriate tools
  • Ensure compliance with quality, hygiene, and safety procedures, HACCP standards
  • Ensure the safety of events and compliance with applicable regulations
  • Control the maintenance of equipment, materials, and installations, identifying the need for renewal or repair for the kitchen part
  • Define and lead the human resources management policy for the kitchen in collaboration with the Executive Chef and General Management
  • Carry out administrative, budgetary, and accounting follow-up in collaboration with purchases and the Executive Chef
  • Ensure the proper maintenance and development of software dedicated to the kitchen
  • Non-exhaustive list and subject to evolution

If you want to join a dynamic and passionate team, send your application, and we would be delighted to interview you.