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GREY GOOSE® X Café de l’Homme

Café de l'Homme launches a new experience dedicated to mixology and Parisian parties in partnership with GREY GOOSE®, the most French of high-end vodkas.

Characterized by its singularity and finesse, GREY GOOSE® delivers all its nuances in its classic cocktails with the most rigorous care and attention to bring the product and the quality demanded to life.

The “French Mule”, the “Grand Fizz” or the “Bloody Mary” are as delicious as they are confusing and refreshing! A special mention goes to the GreyGoose Espresso Martini, a devilishly sophisticated cocktail combining vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. A recipe to be discovered or rediscovered as a matter of urgency!

Exceptional spirits and Champagne are to be enjoyed by the bottle or as a cocktail in a warm, intimate immersive setting blended with the warm, bluish colors of GREY GOOSE® with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

Practical info:

From January 17 to March 9, 2019.

Monday to Sunday, 7pm to 2am.

Mixologist every Thursday and Friday.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.