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Café de l’Homme food story by Gala

Join us in the November issue of Gala magazine to discover Café de l’Homme food story and the secrets behind our flagship recipes, revealed by our Chef Jimmy Elisabeth.

Products, sublimated by the chef, are placed at the heart of our guests’ plates. That’s why we place such importance on selecting trusted suppliers.

At Café de l’Homme, seasonal produce is sourced mainly from France, and selected with passion and rigor. Here are just a few examples…

Seafood is sourced from JEGO, a Breton fishmonger who respects the environment and tirelessly tracks down the finest products. Every day, he buys fish and shellfish caught the day before, direct from Breton auctions. Preferring boats that leave no more than a day, he favors the short circuit, essential for ensuring optimum freshness for his customers.

On the land side, the restaurant relies on Les Halles Trottemant, passionate about the land and those who work it. They support small-scale producers and French agricultural know-how, with a view to promoting the national territory, supporting sustainable farming methods and protecting the environment. This is what enables them to source exceptional fruit and vegetables produced within a 200 km radius of Paris. They supply the most demanding chefs and retailers.

We also find Maison Paris, which combines the expertise of its producers with family traditions handed down through four generations, to produce multi-award-winning foies gras.

In the heart of the Landes region, the constant quest for quality has been part of its DNA since 1907.

A gastronomic heritage that the brand shares with respect for tradition and unmistakable authenticity.

To guarantee the excellence of their products, Maison Paris “gives time to time” and advocates that for a product to be good, the animal must be well treated and respected. A rule they impose on themselves, but also on their producers.

At Café de l’Homme, our chef offers a multi-faceted menu, carefully thought out to satisfy the desires of an eclectic, gourmet and loyal clientele, all in a very Parisian atmosphere.

book an experience.

DECEMBER 14, 2020,